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International Law Visualised

Here is a very interesting infographic I have just received from Frida Jackson, explaining in a visually appealing way the various bodies of international law and how they are connected. Thank you Frida for your work. Hope you all find this interesting and feel free to share it if you enjoy it. The original post [...]

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The DNA Lasting Influence

Romania unfortunately has in the main a reputation in Europe that is not based on fact but on fiction. This was brought home to me this weekend when I was at a reception talking to a new ambassador in Romania who had recently arrived from another European country. When he was advised that he was [...]

Speeding up Debt Recovery

As Romania has developed commercially over the last twenty years changes have become necessary in relation to the enforcement of debts due from companies and individuals. For many Romanian law firms, enforcement and debt recovery have become more important.  As a Romanian international law firm, we are periodically asked by other law firms outside of [...]

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Guy Fawkes Day Romanian Style

What has Guy Fawkes got to do with Romania? Nothing directly, except next Sunday 2nd November will be the first round of the presidential elections. I cannot let the occasion pass without making some comments as to whether or not the whole process has affected business over the last few weeks. Now some people would say [...]

Romanian Residency and Employment Rules Change for Foreigners

As a law firm in Romania many of the queries we have to deal with are in relation to employment matters as well as residential issues.  Foreign investors and local companies hire or have seconded to them employees from outside Romania. Romanian legislators have kept up with this trend and recently adopted Government Ordinance no. 25/2014, published [...]

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Draft Law for Renewable Energy. Again

As a step in the direction of open Government, various Ministries in Romania sometimes issue draft laws for consultation purposes.  This is an improvement from the past when laws were, and sometimes still are, introduced without consultation.  We are therefore today considering a draft law issued by the Department for Energy. Renewable energy and its funding in [...]

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Enforced Contract Terms – Law 72/2013

Last week we were approached by an international contractor who asked us to consider the question of interest in his contract. Like all Romanian Lawyers we have in the past considered Law no 72/2013 which was introduced in April 2013.  Law 72/2013 is intended to combat late payments in commercial transactions. This Law implemented the [...]

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Romanian Court Structure

Do you know how the Romanian courts are structured? Does your Romanian lawyer explain to you why the court case takes too long from your perspective? What can be done to speed things up, if at all? The first thing any foreign investor or person contemplating taking proceedings should try and understand is a basic outline of [...]

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Shareholders – Conflict of Laws

As an international law firm based in Romania we often are instructed on issues in which conflicts of law play a prominent part. Recently we were instructed on such a case concerning foreign shareholders. The case revolved around a shareholders dispute. The parties before they formed a Romanian company had entered into a shareholders agreement. [...]

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More Land Issues

As discussed last week the sale and purchase of agricultural land became an issue in Romania after January 2014. I think the issue of Romanian land and land ownership will be issues for many years to come. Even now I am surprised how often I am asked, “Is it now the right time to buy land [...]

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