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Romanian Agricultural Land for Sale

 The purchase of land is one of those areas which have caused heated debates in Romania. It is also an area where many lawyers- both Romanian lawyers and foreign law firms, have become involved. Over the last twenty years the purchasing of land as distinct from property has become easier for individuals and companies but [...]

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Who Gets What on Death of Businessman

The death of a successful business man always creates immediate problems for the family. Not only on a personal level but also at a practical level. I was reminded of this last week when we saw the death of one of Romania’s most well-known business men Dinu Patriciu. Like all successful business men he had interests [...]

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Minority protection in a Limited Liability Company

Minority protection is one of the worries for foreign investors. No matter how well they are briefed about a foreign country and its laws, this is always an area of concern when working in a foreign legal environment. Attitudes are different; rules are different, even peoples reaction to minority protection is different. Romania has its [...]

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The Romanian Way of Negotiating

One of the questions we are often asked about is how to do business in Romania. Not necessarily on a legal or fiscal point but at a more practical level. Romania and the Romanian legal system is different from the Common Law, and it is based on the European Code law System. Even though based [...]

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Internecine Warfare

The political world seems to be full of civil wars and fighting at the moment. The commercial world is not far behind and in Romania that is also the case, whether we like it or not.  Romania is not very different. Inside companies often shareholders fall out and civil war is there. Then Romanian lawyers [...]

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Tax Designated Inactive Companies and Entities

Last week I was traveling so I was unable to complete my blog. I apologize to those who missed it. Holidays and conferences get in the way, but at least it should allow some time for reflection. Indeed one of the pleasures of summer is that politicians go on holiday and there should be a [...]

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The New law regarding Bankruptcy in Romania

After several attempts including an appeal to the Constitutional Court of Romania the legislators have now adopted a new law regarding insolvency and bankruptcy.  The new law is Law no. 85/2014 and was issued in June 2014 coming into force on 28th June 2014. As this had brought about a fundamental review of the Romanian [...]

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European Union and The Consumer

Romania has like all countries become used to implementing EU legislation. One of the main areas in which the ordinary citizen comes into contact with the European Union is in the area of consumer protection. This can be at an individual level or at a business level. As practicing lawyers in Romania we are always surprised at [...]

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The Twilight Zone

Romania has not been immune from the beginning of the World Financial Crisis from the fall-out of the world financial problems. Many companies have failed and have entered into a form of reconstruction or have gone straight to closure and liquidation. There are though a number of companies in the twilight world of suspension.  Under Law 31/1990 [...]

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Comments Regarding VAT Reclaims

One of the things that membership of the European Union entails is dealing with Value Added Tax (VAT). We, like all lawyers in Romania, are often asked about VAT and its impact and implications on business. One must always remember that VAT is a European Union community tax and is not therefore well known outside [...]

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