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Saving Your Property Investment In Romania

Over the last few months as an English speaking Romanian based law firm with international connections we have received a number of enquiries from people outside of Romania who have woken up to the fact that they have in the past made investments in Romania and Eastern Europe and they do not know what has [...]

Do not let your heart rule your head

One of the greatest difficulties we have as an international law firm operating in Romania is to explain the clients and potential clients the differences in the Romanian legal system and the system which they may be used to. They seem to think that the law should be the same as in their home country [...]

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Closer to Europe

Succession The 17th August may not have been a very important day for many people and lawyers in Romania, but it will have had an impact on them. For Romanian family lawyers and those involved with tax planning, succession with cross border aspects have often given rise to complex structures. The law of succession varies [...]

Penalties – Not The Football Kind

Now to some people in Romania penalties only relate to rugby or football.  But to a lawyer they have a more significant role in contract law. We have noted in the past the confusion regarding penalties not only in the minds of investors from the United Kingdom and the United States of America but also [...]

Contract Negotiating Romanian Style Part 2

The previous post dealt with contracting with Romanian private companies, and now I want to look at the position in relation to State companies.  Despite over 20 years of "capitalism" much of Romanian industry and resources are still in the hands of companies that are either Government owned or Government controlled.  Unless your business can [...]

Closer to European Taxation Norms

The Romanian Government is presently trying to change the current Financial Code and issue a new Romanian Financial Code.  The reasons for the changes appear to as much political as economic, and indeed a number of economists have criticized the Government for what they see as obvious electioneering. The reduction in certain taxes will certainly [...]

Hiring a Country Representative Made Easy.

Sorry to you all for missing the blog post last week.  The Catholic Easter and the Romanian Orthodox Easter did not coincide and therefore there was the gap.  Anyway a Happy Easter to you all whenever you celebrated it. During the last few months as previously mentioned we have seen an increase in international business activity [...]

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New Merger Rules For Romania

Despite the recent scandals in the Romanian political class 2015 looks for the economy at least being a year to celebrate. Economic activity in Romania is on the increase and therefore M&A business for Romanian law firms will increase. As though anticipating this last year the Romanian Competition Council (the “Council) revised its merger control rules [...]

Romanian Credit Market

One of the issues I face writing this blog is the question of what to choose this week.  Do I write based on the law firms experience of new cases in Romania the preceding week/months or do I write about new legislation proposed or otherwise.  What is interesting for some is not as riveting for others.  Such [...]

Romania – Greece – Ukraine

Why the above headline. During a recent trip to London the question of Greece and Ukraine were raised by a number of people on the basis of what was the impact of the problems in Greece and Ukraine on the Romanian economy and business environment.  It was an aspect that whilst in relation to Greece we [...]