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International Marriages

Family law in Romania for non Romanians is one of the more complicated areas of law, especially if you come from a common law country. This is I believe why we are often asked to give advice on inheritance law in relation to unions between Romanian and non-Romanian citizens. This is why one of the changes introduced in 2011 [...]

A Young New Romania

The result of the Presidential election last week was not unexpected but was a surprise.  Since 1990 when I first came to Romania to practice law in Romania there have been many false dawns.  Each time there has been an election we hoped that there would be some change; although unfortunately in most cases this [...]

The DNA Lasting Influence

Romania unfortunately has in the main a reputation in Europe that is not based on fact but on fiction. This was brought home to me this weekend when I was at a reception talking to a new ambassador in Romania who had recently arrived from another European country. When he was advised that he was [...]

Guy Fawkes Day Romanian Style

What has Guy Fawkes got to do with Romania? Nothing directly, except next Sunday 2nd November will be the first round of the presidential elections. I cannot let the occasion pass without making some comments as to whether or not the whole process has affected business over the last few weeks. Now some people would say [...]

Who Gets What on Death of Businessman

The death of a successful business man always creates immediate problems for the family. Not only on a personal level but also at a practical level. I was reminded of this last week when we saw the death of one of Romania’s most well-known business men Dinu Patriciu. Like all successful business men he had interests [...]

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Romanian Footbal Scandals and European Directive

In recent weeks in Romania, apart from the disappearance of MH370 and the problems in the Ukraine and Crimea, the media has been full of the “Football” cases.  A number of well known officials and personalities, among which Romanian football player icon Gica Popescu and club owner Giovanni Becali, were sent to jail and had [...]

Waste not, Want not

This was a saying of my grandmother many years ago in England. Now Romania with the help of the EU is catching up on this idea. Waste management has been an important part of a new industry in Romania since 1989. Last week a further step in waste management was taken which will affected the [...]

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Corruption Again

Yesterday saw the publication of the latest EU Report in which Romania received a mention. The problem of corruption is not just a Romanian problem – from the report it appears to be endemic throughout the EU. The report highlighted the problems currently in the Romanian system and society. As a Romanian law firm [...]

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Romania’s place in the World

Modern communication is a good thing. When I first came to Romania, the people of Western Europe had heard of Romania, but knew very little about it or where it was. They knew it was somewhere over there but could not place it exactly. I had to explain many times to people where it was [...]

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2014 and Onwards

In 2014 Romania will celebrate seven years as a member of the EU. At this stage I am not sure what celebrations the Romanian Government has planned, but they will sure do something. Many of the restrictions that were imposed in the Accession Treaty when Romania joined the EU will be lifted. These restrictions were [...]