Has Romania moved forward?

Following the financial crisis of 2007/8 Romania entered into a number of arrangements with international financial institutions. This led to financial discipline which meant that Romania was one of the countries in which internal borrowing was reduced.  As major economies have not reduced there borrowings and world indebtedness has increased one can ask what was the benefit [...]

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State Aid or Aid from the State

State aid means many things to many people in Romania. The issue is that there are funds available for State aid in Romania which have not and are not being accessed. Although Romania receives per capita less State Aid than any other European country this is then even more reason for it to be used [...]

Romanian Christmas Traditions

Coming as I do from a Common law background many laws in England are founded on practice precedent and tradition. As a Romanian law firm we are asked by foreign clients about precedent and tradition in Romania, which does not apply to Romanian law but I thought this week’s blog could be different.  So I [...]

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Employment – Pitfalls

Romania has one of the most employee friendly legal regimes in the EU. One hears about the problems in terms of restructuring and employee removal in France and Italy but Romania comes very close behind. For all employers the question of employee protection and employees rights becomes important as a company develops or needs to [...]

Public Procurement – Small Changes – Big Effects

One of the major problems in Romania is keeping up with the changes in law. How do we do this many Clients ask? How do we keep up to date? As an emerging economy the laws are updated often without notice (Government Emergency Ordinances), or an important law is blocked in Parliament, and then suddenly passed [...]