The Firm is a full service commercial firm as well as supplying legal advice to individuals as required.  Our lawyers have experience in M&A and all types of commercial transactions and law.  We advise on restructuring of major investments in the exploration field and construction industry.  Our lawyers also advise on joint ventures both local and those with international partners.

We deal with all types of general commercial agreements ranging from purchase agreements and franchise documentation to complex corporate restructuring.   We are experienced in dealing with copyright and IP issues as well technological matters.

Our expertise in financial matters allows us to advise clients on banking and financial structuring including financial leasing.  We are experienced in dealing with bank negotiations in respect of loans and their restructuring.  We advise insurance companies on the requirements and compliance with Romanian and EU law.

Our litigation team is particularly experienced in dealing not only with internal litigation but in deals with cross border litigation as well as arbitration matters both Romania and international arbitration.  We advise on employment issues including individual employment contracts as well as in respect of hiring as well as advising when it is necessary for a client to reduce its work force.

Real estate of all levels dealing from purchase or sale of apartments to sale and purchase of large tracts of land including licensing is also a strong point for our teams.  We have also dealt with cases in the oil and gas industry as well as transportation and aviation matters.

The Firm also provides taxation advice in respect of structuring well as the impact of EU legislation.