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Recovering Your Romanian Investment

Companies have been formed in the past for many reasons in Romania. Over the past few years the Romanian Trade Registry has endeavoured to clean up the number of Romanian dormant or non-trading companies which had been set up in the first flush of a free trade economy as shown on the register. In many [...]

What Tax Will You Pay on Company Incorporation

One of the current most challenging issues on the incorporation of a company in Romania is the immediate tax impact on the company and its profitability. The majority of Romanian companies were incorporated with the minimum capital of two hundred (200) RON. This means a minimum capital of approximately forty five (45) Euros. This is [...]

Saving Your Property Investment In Romania

Over the last few months as an English speaking Romanian based law firm with international connections we have received a number of enquiries from people outside of Romania who have woken up to the fact that they have in the past made investments in Romania and Eastern Europe and they do not know what has [...]

Consumer Protection

When I first came to Romania there was very little to purchase in the shops.  Goods were in short supply and often of poor quality. There were very few imports. Shops would display articles and then refuse to sell them to you, as they would then have nothing else to display. This actually happened to me [...]

They have done it again

One of the quirks of Romanian legislation incorporated in the Constitution is the use of Emergency Ordinances.  The intention originally was for them to be used when Parliament was not sitting and allowed the Government to pass "emergency" legislation which would then be ratified by Parliament later when they were in sitting. Over the last 20 [...]

Issuing Promissory Notes

The whole basis of the Romanian economy changed in 1989 and this brought about a profound effect on the way that business was done in Romania. Many foreign investors forget that only since 1989 has Romania had a capitalistic economy.  This has been a blessing and a curse but one of the major impacts has [...]