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Romania and the New Insurance Directive

After much debate and discussion the European Parliament and the Council have issued the recast Directive on Insurance Distribution. EU Directive 2016/97 (“Directive”) was issued on the 20th January 2016 and was published in the Official Journal of the European 2nd February 2016. The provisions of the Directive coming into effect 20 days after its [...]

Romanian Credit Market

One of the issues I face writing this blog is the question of what to choose this week.  Do I write based on the law firms experience of new cases in Romania the preceding week/months or do I write about new legislation proposed or otherwise.  What is interesting for some is not as riveting for others.  Such [...]

Consumer Protection

When I first came to Romania there was very little to purchase in the shops.  Goods were in short supply and often of poor quality. There were very few imports. Shops would display articles and then refuse to sell them to you, as they would then have nothing else to display. This actually happened to me [...]