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Why a Mandate Contract

Since 1989 Romania has passed from the command economy of socialism to commerce based on the free market and capitalism. Romanian commercial development really started with the passing of the Company Law (Law 30/1990) which enabled the formation of limited liability companies as well as joint stock companies. This was a first step in the [...]

Contract Negotiating Romanian Style Part 2

The previous post dealt with contracting with Romanian private companies, and now I want to look at the position in relation to State companies.  Despite over 20 years of "capitalism" much of Romanian industry and resources are still in the hands of companies that are either Government owned or Government controlled.  Unless your business can [...]

Influence Peddling under Romanian Law

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is regarding corruption and influence peddling in Romania and how this is dealt with under Romanian law. Unfortunately, Romania does figure in a number of corruption indices and in a high position. The question that is being asked is why, and how does it affect business. [...]

Moving into the Electronic Age

One of the major areas of complaint in Romania is bureaucracy, and the filling in of countless meaningless forms. This can occur in the area of general taxation, but especially in relation to dealing with the Romanian customs authorities. For some time now, as those of you who have to deal with the authorities know, [...]

Is your investment safe?

During the property bubble in Romania a number of investors bought properties using a local company.  This was because a local company could own land even if the shareholders were foreign. This was so even if even for the purchase of an apartment which included the implied purchase of an undivided share in the land [...]