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Recovering Your Romanian Investment

Companies have been formed in the past for many reasons in Romania. Over the past few years the Romanian Trade Registry has endeavoured to clean up the number of Romanian dormant or non-trading companies which had been set up in the first flush of a free trade economy as shown on the register. In many [...]

Romanian Business Angels to Appear

The Business Angel law has now been introduced into the Romanian legal system. Whether it will stimulate investment in new ventures is a question which still has to be answered. It is a step taken by the Government to try and bring new investment into the market. Law no. 120/2015 regarding fiscal facilities granted to [...]

Contract Negotiating Romanian Style Part 2

The previous post dealt with contracting with Romanian private companies, and now I want to look at the position in relation to State companies.  Despite over 20 years of "capitalism" much of Romanian industry and resources are still in the hands of companies that are either Government owned or Government controlled.  Unless your business can [...]

Romania – Greece – Ukraine

Why the above headline. During a recent trip to London the question of Greece and Ukraine were raised by a number of people on the basis of what was the impact of the problems in Greece and Ukraine on the Romanian economy and business environment.  It was an aspect that whilst in relation to Greece we [...]

Is it Worth Investing in Romania?

Despite all their market research and inquiries clients still ask me the question "Is it worth investing and doing business in Romania"? This is of course a difficult question to answer and the answer will change over a period of twelve months. It is also very subjective. Had this question been asked of me at the beginning of [...]

Are you a Director or a Manager?

Language is a great thing except when you are talking to someone who is not a native speaker of the language and as a partner in a Romanian law firm I am well aware of this. Ask my staff! Last week we talked about confusion in property law that we as lawyers in Romania  experience [...]

Can I use my usual contract?

There are in the main two types of foreign investors in the Romanian economy. Those who form a Romanian company and make a direct investment into Romania, and those who “invest” long distance in Romania and its market. By that I mean people who carry on business in Romania but do not have an office [...]

Consumer Protection

When I first came to Romania there was very little to purchase in the shops.  Goods were in short supply and often of poor quality. There were very few imports. Shops would display articles and then refuse to sell them to you, as they would then have nothing else to display. This actually happened to me [...]

Where is Romania now?

When we see a new client, we are often asked, as are all Romanian lawyers and advisers, tell us about Romania. When I started this blog that was the position that I came from. During the last few months we have seen an increase of inquiries coming from abroad from people new to the market. [...]