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Consumer Protection

When I first came to Romania there was very little to purchase in the shops.  Goods were in short supply and often of poor quality. There were very few imports. Shops would display articles and then refuse to sell them to you, as they would then have nothing else to display. This actually happened to me [...]

Enhanced debt recovery in Romania

Debt recovery in Romania has caused problems for foreign investors over many years.  I would estimate that questions concerning debt recovery are the third most common request that we receive.  Recoveries of debts in Central Europe including Romania were a byword for Byzantium thinking.  One hears of cases that have been running for at least [...]

Moving into the Electronic Age

One of the major areas of complaint in Romania is bureaucracy, and the filling in of countless meaningless forms. This can occur in the area of general taxation, but especially in relation to dealing with the Romanian customs authorities. For some time now, as those of you who have to deal with the authorities know, [...]