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Saving Your Property Investment In Romania

Over the last few months as an English speaking Romanian based law firm with international connections we have received a number of enquiries from people outside of Romania who have woken up to the fact that they have in the past made investments in Romania and Eastern Europe and they do not know what has [...]

Some Issues concerning Romanian Property

Like many Romanian law firms we receive periodically requests in relation to property in Romania. This maybe in relation to claiming land and property which was originally owned by a relative who has died or from people who are the heirs and successors of people who have left Romania and seek to reclaim their property [...]

2014 and Onwards

In 2014 Romania will celebrate seven years as a member of the EU. At this stage I am not sure what celebrations the Romanian Government has planned, but they will sure do something. Many of the restrictions that were imposed in the Accession Treaty when Romania joined the EU will be lifted. These restrictions were [...]

Is your investment safe?

During the property bubble in Romania a number of investors bought properties using a local company.  This was because a local company could own land even if the shareholders were foreign. This was so even if even for the purchase of an apartment which included the implied purchase of an undivided share in the land [...]