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What Tax Will You Pay on Company Incorporation

One of the current most challenging issues on the incorporation of a company in Romania is the immediate tax impact on the company and its profitability. The majority of Romanian companies were incorporated with the minimum capital of two hundred (200) RON. This means a minimum capital of approximately forty five (45) Euros. This is [...]

Until the Pips Squeak

When the last PNL government fell in 2012 the incoming Government lead by Victor Ponta was caught by surprise. He was catapulted into the position as Prime Minister and was the youngest Prime Minister in the EU. He had little or no experience of macro or micro economics. On becoming Prime Minister he made a [...]

Issuing Promissory Notes

The whole basis of the Romanian economy changed in 1989 and this brought about a profound effect on the way that business was done in Romania. Many foreign investors forget that only since 1989 has Romania had a capitalistic economy.  This has been a blessing and a curse but one of the major impacts has [...]