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Residence and Work permits for Non EU Citizens

With the increase of foreigners wishing to come to Romania and Europe to work we are ask regularly as to what is the position for non-EU citizens concerning work permits and residency. The position of the employment of Non-EU employees is governed in Romania by the provisions of EU Directive 2011/98/EU and Romanian government emergency [...]

Amendments to Romanian Employment Law

One of the biggest complaints about Romania which we Romanian lawyers hear from clients concerns the constant changing of legislation.  This is not only applicable in the field of taxation and finance but also in other areas which affect business.  True to form a new law has been issued amending the Labour Code. The Romanian [...]

Permanent or Temporary Employees

The employee always remains the employee of the agency and does not become an employee of the client company. This means that the agency is responsible for all taxes and social security payments and deductions whilst at the same time receiving a fee from the company to whom the temporary employee was seconded.